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THE PROCEDURES - How does it work?

villas and resorts
Exclusive membership
Once you have registered your name and contact details via our website or personally, we will decide whether your villas are up to our standards and if you can become one of our exclusive members.

Self-service content management
Once your villa or group of villas has been approved of, each member will be given online access to update contents and offers at any time. You could also request us to put your content on the website.

For availability requests the client will be linked directly to your own reservations department. The whole booking is in your own hands which offers you the following advantages:

  • Your reservationists can sell your property better than anyone else, since you know it better than anyone else
  • Your reservationists will advise the clients themselves, so they can do their utmost to sell better and more expensive villas if they can
  • Availability is always on request
  • There can never be misunderstandings about availability, so no double bookings
  • No travel consultants involved who prefer to talk people into other villas than yours for higher commissions
  • This makes us completely independent

Updating your web pages
You can update your villa information at any time by accessing your personal area. Changes to text, prices and contact details can be made on-line and submitted to us for approval. These changes will normally be displayed on the web site within 2 hours. Photographs may also be exchanged at any, time free of charge, during the period of your membership.

Photos may be sent to us either:

  • By uploading digital images directly from your own computer onto our web site.
  • By e-mail (as a .jpg attachment).
  • By asking us to download photos from your own personal web site.

Please ensure that photos are sharp and as colourful as possible. Do not forget a blue sky! A minimum of five (we recomend ten) photos, two of the exterior and three of the interior are obligatory in order to show our clients how beautiful your villas are and to give them the best impression.


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